Long Run Coffee Year in Sport 2023

Long Run Coffee's 2023 Year in Sport

The Results Are In

We crunched the numbers.

LRC athletes broke a lot of records in 2023.

Here's to each and every one of you in the Long Run Coffee community for some outstanding achievements.

Long Run Coffee Athlete Running in Mountains

Mileage Stats

LRC athletes ran 916,782 miles in 2023. That’s 3.83 trips to the moon.

LRC orders shipped a total of 1.34 million miles. That’s 53.8 laps around Earth.

LRC furthest distance shipped for an order was 6,756.33 miles (Kuwait)

LRC shortest distance shipped for an order was .43 miles from our facility. We walked it there. :)


Long Run Coffee

Coffee Stats

5,563 bags of LRC were consumed.

That’s approximately 222,520 cups of LRC.

32,042,880 mg of sodium consumed through LRC.


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