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New Product Coming 03/19

Founded in April of 2022, Long Run quickly evolved into a unique supplement brand for runners who are unapologetically passionate about their sport. We're for runners who want nothing more than to spend life doing what they love - running more, running farther, and running faster

When LRC created electrolyte infused coffee, it was available in 4 primary roasts - The Long Run (dark), Junk Miles (medium), The Technical Trail (light), and Two Week Taper (decaf). Since then, LRC has not launched another traditional, premium roast — that is, until now!

Long Run Coffee New Electrolyte Infused Coffee

It's been 2 years in the making, but another roast is finally ready. It'll be announced on Tuesday, March 19th, and runners will have the opportunity to get it free when they join the Long Run Club

Psst... this offer is actually valid now, before being announced to all runners. Joining the Long Run Club today will get you the new electrolyte infused roast, for free, automatically, and ships today 😉.

We anticipate selling out. So stay on the lookout! If you'd like to be notified via text, and have not yet subscribed, now is your chance (subscribe here - Product Launch Sign Up). 

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