Frequently asked questions

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I thought coffee was dehydrating. Do I need to drink more water to compensate?
The electrolytes we infuse into our coffee products are meant to improve hydration and water absorption. Additionally, recent studies have show that consuming caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, don't necessarily cause fluid loss in excess of intake.
How do I know the supplements dissolve properly into the brewed coffee?
Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Gluconate, Calcium Citrate, and Magnesium Citrate are all water soluble compounds. Additionally, Long Run Coffee has tested and confirmed that these supplements can pass through standard coffee filters (including paper filters, which generally collect finer particles).
Does my body type/size require different serving sizes of electrolytes? Do serving sizes depend on the distance of my run?
Differences in individual physiology will always result in different nutrient needs. This includes individual factors such as height, body composition, sweat rate, sweat composition, etc. Proper nutrient intake is also dependent on exercise duration. Long Run Coffee will promote proper electrolyte balance in the body, but is not meant to replace a balance diet. For this reason, we as endurance athletes need to make sure we fuel properly in general. This mentality applies to Long Run Coffee as well as other forms of dietary supplementation.
Does anything happen to the nutrient profile during the coffee brewing process?
All vitamins and minerals naturally degrade over time regardless. It's worth noting that heat can accelerate these chemical reactions. However, this should not be concerning. Many conventional cooking techniques (think roasting, boiling, or sautéing vegetables) heat vitamins and minerals to temperatures greater than that of coffee. To limit the natural degradation process, we only prepare and package our coffee after an order is placed. We hand-write the packaging date on each bag so you know it's fresh.
How do I know if Long Run Coffee is helping me?
Electrolyte balance is important to maintain on a consistent basis. Insufficient electrolytes will lead to deficiencies, such as Hyponatremia, and will noticeably deteriorate athletic performance as well as general quality of life. A daily cup of Long Run Coffee will assist in preventing such deficiencies, as well as promote muscle function/control.* Read how on "The Science" page of our site.
When should I drink Long Run Coffee?
We recommend drinking Long Run Coffee any time prior to exercise. Conventional studies recommend nutrient intake at least 60 minutes prior to exercise, but more recent studies have also shown benefits for electrolyte consumption immediately prior to athletic efforts. For most athletes, enjoying Long Run Coffee in the morning will be adequate.
I don't run extended distances. Will Long Run Coffee help me?
Yes! Electrolytes are important for all people. Electrolyte supplementation is thought to have benefits that everyone can appreciate, such as mental acuity, digestion, blood pressure management, and bone health.*
I am a cyclist/swimmer. Do the benefits of Long Run Coffee generalize to other athletes?
Yes! The ingredients infused in Long Run Coffee's products can benefit runners, swimmers, cyclists, and everyone in between. The potential benefits of electrolyte supplementation, such as muscle function,* are applicable to any kind of athlete.
How important is the right ratio of electrolytes? Can I consume too much?
Electrolytes are lost through perspiration. Electrolyte supplementation, therefore, should depend on what ratio of electrolytes are lost during activity. Sodium is the primary electrolyte lost through perspiration, followed by potassium. Electrolyte consumption in excess of individual need are generally excreted by the body.
How long is the shelf life of Long Run Coffee products?
Typically dietary supplements are shelf stable for 2-3 years. Coffee generally remains fresh for 3-5 months or longer depending on storage conditions. Our coffee is packaged to order. We hand-write the preparation date on our products so you'll know it's fresh.
Are there any health consequences to suddenly stop drinking Long Run Coffee?
Long Run Coffee contains caffeine, which can have properties of dependence. Like all coffees, our products should be consumed sensibly.
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