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Finding More Time To Run — How To

Life is a jar.

No, not ajar. A jar.


Filling Our Jars — The Metaphor For Time

Each day, everyone’s jar gets filled. There has never been, and will never be, an unfilled jar. We ALL have the same amount of time.

So the question isn’t “how full should my my jar be” but rather “what should I fill it with?”


Rocks, Pebbles, Sand

Every day we fill our jars with rocks, pebbles, and sand.


Rocks consume the most space. In life, these are the things we’ve deemed more important than anything else.


Pebbles are smaller and consume less space. But... you can fit more of them into your jar. Pebbles are things we believe are important, but we could live without them.


Sand is the smallest. We’d describe these things in life as unimportant in the grand scheme. But sand is VERY deceiving. Sand will fill any space available.

Filling the jar with rocks, pebbles, and sand

Order Matters

Rocks should always be put in our jar first, then pebbles, then sand. Remember, sand will fill all the space you give it.

If we put sand in our jar first, there won’t be room left for anything else.

If we put pebbles in first, there won’t be space for our rocks. Only sand.


Creating Time To Run - A Call To Action

If what we want is more time for our passions in life, we need to be deliberate. Over the next couple days, audit where your time goes.

Family? Friends? Running? Career? Tik Tok?

You may find that your jar is filled just right. You may find you had more sand than you thought.

In life, we choose what our rocks are, and how many we have. We choose how much space is left to fill with pebbles and then sand.

Reflect on what matters. Then make time for it, and ruthlessly cut everything else.

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