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Momma Midweek Motivation

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"You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be present." - Source Unknown

With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to choose a midweek motivation quote that would apply to moms, runners, and running moms.

The quote reminds us that perfection isn’t the goal (nor is it actually achievable), and that being present and showing up consistently is really where all the progress comes from.

Moms: Life is in the Little Moments

Motherhood often feels like a balancing act, juggling myriad responsibilities and expectations. 

Wake the kids up, get them in the shower, help them find their shoes, PB&J with the crust cut off, YOU’RE GOING TO MISS THE BUS…..

Amidst the chaos, the most meaningful moments arise from simply being present and engaged with our children, with whatever time we can. Life is lived in the little moments! We all know that deep down, but a reminder never hurts.

Oftentimes, the things we remember from our childhood *are the little moments anyways. This means we can take the pressure off being perfect, and just be present. Embracing imperfection allows us to focus on consistently showing up and nurturing our children's lives with love and attention.

Runners: Strive for Consistency

Now, when it comes to running, we’re all well aware that success doesn't hinge solely on perfection. In this context, “being present” means showing up daily with purpose, and executing the training plan that you set. It also means being mentally present throughout your training, such that you can actually enjoy and appreciate the process. 

And we’d imagine that most runners would agree, but having a “perfect run” isn’t really what moves the needle on progress. Any given day, you could go on a run that felt super easy and effortless… but that isn’t where the adaptation comes from. The easy & effortless feeling we experience is merely the result of your consistency (and getting ready with electrolyte infused coffee). 

So, ultimately, we can rest easy knowing that just being present throughout our training will get the job done, and cause for a much more enjoyable and fulfilling training cycle.

Running Moms: Gotta Do It All

Both motherhood and running thrive on a foundation of consistency and presence. Running is a time-consuming sport, and being a mom is…. well very time consuming (i.e. rest of your life). Time is our most valuable (and limited) resource, and given that running and momming are both time-intensive activities, we’ll need to make sure we plan accordingly. 

Every once in a while, some of us here at Long Run like to do a “time audit.” For a few days, we’ll take note of what we spend our time on day-to-day. Almost always, we find things that we’re spending time on that, frankly, we do not care about. And when we find these types of things, it’s time to cut them out (or minimize them) from stealing our attention. 

Being present as a mom is a clear priority. And if we also want to be present and consistent in our running amidst life’s other responsibilities, then we just need to make sure we’re spending our time on what truly matters.

By prioritizing being present in the moment, whether it's spending quality time with family or hitting the pavement for a run, we will find greater fulfillment and success in these vital aspects of life! 

Embracing Imperfection for Growth

The quote reminds us that perfection isn't the goal—it's about being present and engaged in the journey. In motherhood and running alike, the beauty lies in the daily efforts, the small victories, and the cherished moments created through presence and dedication.

Celebrating Presence This Mother's Day

As we celebrate Mother's Day, let's keep this in mind! And let’s show appreciation to the mothers who took this concept to heart. Embracing imperfection and prioritizing presence allows us to treasure the moments that truly matter, both on the road and at home.

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