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The Only Impossible Journey

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." 

Today's midweek motivation quote is from prominent figure Tony Robbins. It reminds us that true impossibility does not come from goal difficulty, but rather the hesitation to take the first step.

The Challenge

For athletes, daydreaming often involves ideating a next big adventure or race distance—we paint a vivid picture in our minds of how incredible life will be as we chase the next goal....

Yet, there's a hurdle—the hesitation to transform those dreams into reality. We wait for the perfect moment to take action. Of course, the perfect moment never comes, and we hold ourselves back from starting the journey.


We've definitely found ourselves here. All. The. Time.

But this quote has become a guiding light for us at Long Run. As athletes and dreamers, we can often find ourselves hesitating at the first step. The allure of lofty goals conflicts with the fear of the unknown.

This quote is one we've come back to over and over, urging us to take that crucial first step toward our aspirations.

The Plan of Action

Dreams become impossible when they haven't been started - seems obvious now. So the clear answer is to... just start. Easier said than done.

We'll argue here, that the first step is always the hardest. BUT, importantly, this is not because it actually involves the most difficult task. Rather, because you have to create momentum from of nothing.

Here's an example - say you want to run a 100 mile race. What's the actual hardest part? Running 100 miles is the hardest part. No one sane is going to argue that.

But, for someone who'd like to accomplish this goal someday, where is the goal most likely to be missed? At the beginning, by never signing up. Why? A fear of the unknown, and not having momentum to carry you forward. It's the initial hurdle of action that stops many of us. Whatever your goal may be, this is powerful information in your toolbelt. Once you have momentum, the next step is mentally easier to take action on.

So we'll leave you with this - if the first step is the hardest, pick something small to get the process moving. Are you doing to do an organized race? Unsupported DIY event? What distance? Where? Pick one thing. Decide quickly, and move on. The next action you take will already be easier, because you've already started progress in pursuit of your goal. You have momentum. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, this quote invites us to redefine our narrative by simply taking action. Whether it's embracing a challenging race, setting a new personal record, etc., the only way to guarantee it doesn't happen, is by not starting.

Build a routine you love, and train consistently. With consistency, you Fuel Your Passion.

Fuel your passion

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