The Pre Run PB&J Coffee with Electrolytes

Announcing Our Limited Edition Pre-Run PB&J Coffee

Coffee & Running are a perfect match —rivaling even the classic bond of Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Combing all four? Unbeatable.

Infused with both electrolytes and nostalgia, our PB&J flavored coffee will Fuel Your Passion™ and performance. 

100% Passion & Performance Guarantee.

Fuel Your Performance With The Pre Run PB&J Electrolyte Infused Coffee

Pre-Run PB&J Electrolyte Infused Coffee - Long Run Coffee

Pro Tip — Pair it with The Post Race Banana for a Match Made In Heaven

Nothing like adding banana slices to your PB&J for some extra carbs and electrolytes. It's a runner's staple.

Get the Post Race Banana here

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Fuel your passion