Base Phase Blend Sugar Cookie Electrolyte Coffee

Announcing Our Winter Limited Edition Flavor — Sugar Cookie

The snooze button - an athletes worst enemy. Especially when it's cold and dark... all day.

The cure? An electrolyte infused coffee flavor so good, it brightens your whole world.

Enjoy the Base Phase Blend this season, flavored Sugar Cookie, and make every mile count. 

Base Phase Blend Sugar Cookie

Get the Base Phase Blend now while supplies last

Our limited edition winter flavor is guaranteed to make those dark, cold miles fly by and keep you fueled. We have limited stock, so order yours now before it's gone!

  • 100% Passion & Performance Guarantee
  • Ultra Premium Coffee
  • Infused with Essential Electrolytes for Athletes
Take me to the Base Phase Blend goodness

Base Phase Blend Sugar Cookie Electrolyte Coffee

The Benefits

  • Train harder, with our stomach friendly pH basic formula
  • Feel light on your feet, with a faster runner's high
  • Enjoy reduced fatigue, and quicker recovery

The Electrolytes

  • Sodium - for muscle contraction, muscle performance, and joint movement.
  • Potassium - for fluid retention, hydration support, and muscle control.
  • Calcium - for bone health, muscle contraction, and hormone regulation.
  • Magnesium - for lactate reduction, muscle recovery, and digestion improvement.

The Coffee

Long Run Coffee needs to be made with specific coffee beans that, because of their premium quality, are likely to retain their caffeine compounds.

This is important for the mental and physical effects that LRC has on your training.

The Process

Long Run Coffee uses a patent pending process, that is both unique and effective.

As coffee beans roast, they release natural oils. Immediately after roasting, we infuse our proprietary blend of electrolytes directly into these oils.

The beans are then cooled, and allowed to set. This binds our electrolyte blend to the bean's exterior.

Base Phase Blend - Sugar Cookie Electrolyte Infused Coffee

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