5 Best Race Day Tips

5 Best Race Day Tips

Hey Runner! You might be reading this because you have a race coming up 👀

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to get you the best race day tips around. We are 100% guaranteeing this will be the best list of race day tips you've ever read.... but don't hold us to it. 

#5. Knock Off The Rust

Many people taper before their big race. This is a great idea! But it can leave us feeling sluggish. We recommend a short run the day before your race, to loosen things up (think 2-3 miles at a slow pace).

#4. Slow the f*%$ down

Sooooo many people start way too fast out of the start line. Please save yourself the headache of bonking a few miles from the finish line. Just take a deep breath, and start at your trained pace.

#3. Your Pre Race 💩

This one is important. Here’s our pro tip - give yourself at least a couple hours on the morning of your race to wake up, drink water, and walk in circles with a cup of coffee. Yes, you read that right. No, you won’t regret it.

#2. Plan start line logistics

Every race we go to, we see someone running to the start line. You’re supposed to run the race, not race to the start line! Just make sure you know where to go, and plan that s*%# out ahead of time.

#1. Nothing new on race day

This, hopefully, is not new information. 😂 But if you’re hearing it here first, it means don’t suddenly change a bunch of stuff the day of the race. Got new shoes? Nope. Eating a new food pre-race for the first time? Nuh-uh. Stick with what you did in training.


There you have it. Best of luck!

You’re going to crush it.


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