Electrolyte Infused Coffee

How Electrolyte Infused Coffee is Made

The Love Affair

Runners are no strangers to the love affair with coffee. That aromatic, fresh cup of coffee is the perfect companion, especially before those early morning runs. But here's the catch - traditional coffee can have a depleting and dehydrating effect on your performance.

Have you ever wanted that second cup of coffee, but feared the potential drawbacks? We understand. That's precisely where Long Run Coffee came from.

The infusion of electrolytes is a game-changer for an athlete's morning routine, and it's time we shared how it's made.


The Actual Process

The Coffee

So, what's the secret to our coffee that promises to fuel both performance and passion? It starts with carefully selecting the coffee beans

We use specific beans that, because of their premium quality, are likely to retain their caffeine compounds. This is important for the mental and physical effects of Long Run Coffee.

The Electrolytes

The electrolyte blend is also specific. The formulation we use is intended to improve bioavailability, thereby increasing the electrolyte's hydrating effects. The electrolytes also aid the body's uptake of caffeine, packing a particularly noticeable energy punch. 

Coffee + Electrolytes

The Patented Infusion

Now, the infusion process is unique. As coffee beans roast, they release natural oils. Right after roasting, we infuse our proprietary blend of electrolytes directly into these oils.

The beans are then cooled, and allowed to set. And there you have it - electrolyte infused coffee for athletes.


Performance, then Passion

The *Real* Reason We Made LRC

You've made it this deep in the article? You deserve the truth.

Here's the real reason Long Run Coffee exists. It's because passion is everything. Once you've found it, it's hard to live without. It gives meaning to life itself.

How do we build a passion? By seeing small improvements in performance over a long period of time. Then allowing positive reinforcement to run it's course. Long Run Coffee may start by providing some quick wins, but the real value is to develop consistency.

Long Run Coffee is a motivation tool. We get your brain and body ready to perform. Train with us consistently, and you'll fuel performance. Then you'll fuel passion.

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