The Caffeine Advantage for Runners

The Caffeine Advantage for Runners

Caffeine - does it help or hurt? Confusion has grown amongst athletes as the rise of social media has effectively led to unbelievable amounts of contradictory information.

The Power of Caffeine

In the realm of sports and endurance activities, caffeine often finds itself in a tug of war. Some athletes swear by its performance-enhancing effects, while others tread cautiously, fearing potential side effects. The influx of contradictory information across social media platforms adds to the confusion.

However, scientific research specific to athletes provides us with a clearer picture. One thing is evident - caffeine, when harnessed correctly, holds immense potential for runners. 

  1. Enhanced Endurance: A 2018 study titled "Effects of Caffeine on Endurance Time" published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that caffeine can increase endurance during aerobic activities, making your long runs feel less daunting (1).

  2. Improved Mental Focus: Research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2019 titled "Caffeine Supplementation and Cognitive Function in Trained Individuals" suggests that caffeine can sharpen your mental focus, helping your body stay engaged during challenging workouts, reducing perceived exertion (2).

  3. Enhanced Muscle Function: Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, enhancing muscle contractions, making each stride feel lighter and more efficient. 

This is what runners love to hear.

electrolyte infused coffee for athletes

Coffee & Caffeine

Not all coffee is created equal. Different coffee types have different caffeine content. And the roasting process massively impacts how much of this compound is retained in the final product. So we need to be careful when choosing your pre-run roast. 

Considering that Long Run Coffee is meant to improve athletic performance, we need to source our coffee wisely. We us specific beans that are likely to retain their caffeine compounds. It's a big part of our secret. And it actually get's better - the infusion of electrolytes into our coffee's natural oils improve the body's uptake of caffeine compounds. You will feel the difference.

Make Every Run Your Best

Caffeine is your secret weapon to make every run your best. It's not just coffee; it's the running companion you've been waiting for, backed by scientific research specific to our community. 

Fuel Your Passion, and experience the caffeine advantage for yourself.


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