Electrolyte Infused Coffee for Athletes

Athlete Identity - Above All

We know you're an athlete... But do you truly believe it? 

Athlete Identity

Today, we're delving into athlete identity, a powerful concept that transforms meaningless exercise into passion, making consistency feel effortless. Building your identity as an athlete will inevitably lead to improvements in performance and upgrade your overall running experience.

If you're reading this, chances are you already see yourself as an athlete. But we can always go deeper! Our friends & family may only grow more annoyed with our obsession, but that's okay. They're just jealous. 

Tip 1: Personalize Your Athletic Style

A lesser discussed tip when building your identity as an athlete is to engage in the vast world of running gear! Learning about what the running industry has to offer is actually a great way we can develop our identity. Whether it's the classic Garmin (and related watch tan-line), BOCO hats, or shorts that get shorter and shorter every year, engaging with the gear community is a great way to build your identity as an athlete. 

Tip 2: Embrace Performance Nutrition

Elevate your athlete identity by fine-tuning your nutrition. Explore athlete-specific diets or create your own. Discover the right fuel for your workouts and recovery. Join the world of homemade granola, energy-packed gels, protein-packed snacks, and hydrating drinks that are favorites among athletes. Your diet isn't just about general health! It can help us get more involved with our running community. 

Tip 3: Decor For Your Passion? Why Not.

Transform your home into a running haven. Frame your running bibs, medals, and race photos. Put out running magazines out on your coffee table. Put your Long Run Coffee out on the counter. Or grab some posters of the most iconic trails and paths we runners hold so close to our hearts. These visual cues will keep you motivated daily and remind you of the athlete you are.

Electrolyte Infused Coffee for Athletes

Tip 4: Celebrate Your Athletic Milestones

Athlete identity involves acknowledging your growth and successes. Celebrate your personal records, successful training sessions, and every significant milestone. Yes - you can celebrate yourself. You earned it. Whether completing a challenging race, reaching your target, or even just for completing a set number of miles. These moments solidify your identity as a passionate athlete. And the best news? After we complete one goal, there is literally a never ending list of new accomplishments to chase. 

Tip 5: Share Your Athletic Journey

The run only counts if we share it on Strava. Right? Let your athlete identity shine by sharing your journey with others. Write a blog about your experiences or share your insights on social media. Encourage friends and family to join you in running, training, or racing. Soon, you'll become known as the runner in the family or friend group. That's powerful. Let the positive feedback loop take over! 


Building an athlete identity isn't only about performance; it's about finding the passion and consistency that drive you toward your goals. By personalizing your style, optimizing your nutrition, exploring new decor, celebrating milestones, and sharing your journey, you'll truly embrace yourself as an athlete.

This identity isn't just a label; it's a whole way of life. It's the mindset that can shape your entire athletic experience. Dive in, be an athlete, and watch as your passion and consistency soar to new heights.

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