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Electrolyte Infused Coffee for Athletes

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Electrolyte power

Achieve your ideal running performance and overall well-being in a sustainable and enjoyable way, without sacrificing taste or wasting time.

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Patent Protected Formula Maximizes Your Performance

Ditch Dehydrating, Depleting Coffee

Easier Running

Our electrolyte coffee aids muscle contraction, making the run feel easier.

No Upset Stomach

Our formula is pH basic, meaning it's easier on your stomach than other pre-workouts.

Reduce Sluggishness

The enhanced bioavailability of Long Run Coffee's caffeine helps you feel light on your feet.

Effortless Routine

The most enjoyable electrolyte routine you can be consistent with.



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What Athletes Are Saying


"This coffee was yummy, woke me up, energized me, and took me for a longer run than I had planned for! I did 12 miles and felt great! I had great fuel, no acid reflux, and didn’t feel thirsty! I’ll definitely buy more and recommend to friends!"

Irma L.



"I really have enjoyed this coffee. It is smooth without any bitter after taste. Even my 30 something daughter when given the choice passed on the pumpkin spice blend and opted for my Long Run. She said she wanted the electrolytes too!"

Sheryl L.



"I consider myself somewhat of a coffee snob 😂 but this coffee is flavorful and helps give me the energy I need before my long runs! And their customer service is top notch! They are great - Highly recommend!!"

Madeline P.


The Mission: Fuel Your Passion


Live an inspired lifestyle through meaningful routine


Increase athletic potential with our patent protected formula


Appreciate smooth flavor with effective ingredients

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Running and coffee are two peas in a pod, so why not make coffee for runners?

Thomas McGinn


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